Start With Sorry

Start With Sorry: A Sibling Rivalry Story Teaching Empathy

Writing is my passion, particularly when it comes to helping to guide the children of our future through positive messaging. I wrote “Start With Sorry” with this simple concept in mind. Empathy is an important life skill when it comes to social interaction and building lasting relationships with others, and more often than not, a parent can come across as an authoritarian lecturer when trying to explain this concept to a young child. I’ve found that teaching through storytelling is a much better method to engage young children.

“Start With Sorry” is just that; it’s a book about siblings Luna and Asher who compete in some ways and cooperate in others. At the end, they’re able to work out how to play off of each other’s strengths in a way that makes them both feel like winners, without detracting from the value of working hard towards achieving a goal.

In addition to the lesson about empathy, “Start With Sorry” also provides an example or two of good parenting. A mother or father who reads this book to their children will no doubt pick up on some simple concepts to try out during real-world situations.

Start With Sorry” is my very first published children’s book, and it was a labor of love. I’m grateful for the wonderful team at Literary Mango, and the combination of my writing with expert editing and illustration have resulted in a book that is much better than I could have imagined producing on my own.

Post Author: PT Finch