Luna & Asher Explore an Animal Shelter

Now that Start With Sorry is on the virtual shelves at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and elsewhere, I’m pleased to announce that we’ve begun to produce the next children’s picture book in the series about young siblings Luna and Asher. I haven’t decided on the title of this book yet, but the story’s written and the artwork is in process. Usually a title will come to me after I start to see the images materialize around each scene.

In Start With Sorry, Luna learned a valuable lesson in empathy. She was able to understand why she hurt her brother, Asher’s feelings, and she was able to come to a resolution with a little help from mommy. In this new book, we explore ways to teach empathy to young children in another scenario. Their pet cat, Buddy is lonely, and the family goes on a short trip to a nearby animal shelter. There, they meet lots of cute little puppies that other children are in a frenzy to adopt. But Luna discovers an older dog named Sam, who’s not exactly getting as much attention as the younger dogs. Can you guess what happens next?

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Post Author: PT Finch