Thinking of Mom

Thinking of Mom: A Children’s Book About Coping With Loss – Live on Amazon

Thinking of Mom is now live on Amazon. This short but engaging children’s story came from my heart. We follow young Ella through happy memories until the death of her mother, and finally to a happy ending where Daddy helps her cope with strong emotions of sadness and anger. Mommy lives on in Ella’s memories, […]

Animals Can Sing – Now Live on Amazon

I am very excited that we have released Animals Can Sing! It’s currently available as an e-book on Kindle, and the print editions will be released in a few days. This is a short, fun tale about a journey into a mystical forest. It’s told from a first-person point-of-view, where the reader wanders deeper into the forest […]

Character Development for Character Development

My story about shelter animal adoption is written, and I’ve been working diligently with the artist, Gokhan Bas to expand the cast of characters in this series of children’s picture books about Luna, Asher and their family. In Start With Sorry, we created Luna and Asher as our heroes. Luna’s a bit younger than her brother, Asher and is working on developing her empathy skills.  Together they learn and grow through everyday challenges, with the help of Mom, Dad and their pet cat, Buddy. Read more about Character Development for Character Development

Start With Sorry

Start With Sorry: A Sibling Rivalry Story Teaching Empathy

Writing is my passion, particularly when it comes to helping to guide the children of our future through positive messaging. I wrote “Start With Sorry” with this simple concept in mind. Empathy is an important life skill when it comes to social interaction and building lasting relationships with others, and more often than not, a parent can come across as an authoritarian lecturer when trying to explain this concept to a young child. I’ve found that teaching through storytelling is a much better method to engage young children. Read more about Start With Sorry: A Sibling Rivalry Story Teaching Empathy

Start With Sorry: New Empathy Book for Toddlers & Preschoolers

Luna and Asher are a pair of siblings who love to hang out and draw pictures at the kitchen table. Luna looks up to her older brother, and tries to do everything he does. But she’s got a competitive streak in her and gets upset when she feels that Asher’s artwork has turned out better […]

Calling All Authors

We’re actively seeking new and engaging children’s picture books to add to our collection. If you’ve written an illustrated book for young children and are looking to get it published, feel free to submit it to us here at Literary Mango. We’re interested in high quality writing that’s been fully edited and proofread, accompanied by […]

Lessons For Every Age

Our children’s picture books are a great way to begin building a library for your little ones. Large, beautiful artwork fills each page to keep your kids engaged while they follow the plot of the story. Sometimes they’ll learn a valuable life lesson and other times they’ll just learn how enjoyable reading can be.

New Children’s Picture Book Titles Coming Soon

It gives us great pleasure to announce that we will release several children’s picture book titles in the coming months. We expect to provide arcs to a small group of book reviewers, as well as samples for a number of organizations around the United States and possibly abroad. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook to […]